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la maison de poussière

16 décembre 2017
conrad aiken

dans la presqu’île

9 octobre 2017
de julien gracq

[i carry your heart with me[i carry it in]

7 juillet 2017


12 juin 2017
de claude simon

d’un paragraphe d’histoire

19 mai 2017
de claude simon

la maison de poussière

The House of Dust
Conrad Aiken

…I lay in the warm sweet grass on a blue May morning,
My chin in a dandelion, my hands in clover,
And drowsed there like a bee. . . .blue days behind me
Stretched like a chain of deep blue pools of magic,
Enchanted, silent, timeless. . . .days before me
Murmured of blue-sea mornings, noons of gold,
Green evenings streaked with lilac, bee-starred nights…

… I lay by the hot white sand-dunes. .
Small yellow flowers, sapless and squat and spiny,
Stared at the sky. And silently there above us
Day after day, beyond our dreams and knowledge,
Presences swept, and over us streamed their shadows,
Swift and blue, or dark...

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